Tower house
in the heart of Lectoure

garden, garage, outbuildings and views of the Pyrenees

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  • Lectoure
116 / C
20 / C
850 000
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Tower above the others, with this completely atypical medieval property, set in the heart of Lectoure. These ancient stones could tell a tale of two, of days gone by. The far-reaching views to the snow-capped mountains of the Pyrenees have changed little over the centuries. Yet today, we are blessed, not with invading armies to survey as they emerge over the distant hilltops, but the many hundreds of people who flock to Lectoure each year, to enjoy the beauty of this ancient village, with its sun caressed stone buildings, eclectic antique and brocante stores, its annual festivals and many restaurants and tea-rooms.


Once inside this building, complete silence falls. It is difficult to imagine that on the other side of these thick stone walls one is in the very heart of town. But who will reside here? In truth, it will take someone a little out of the ordinary to embrace this impressive space. If you yearn for your typical structure of a home, with dividing walls between most of the rooms, this may not be for you. If however your soul longs for something completely out of the ordinary, a fantastic space both upwards and outwards to fill, then read on… you have come to the right place.


Lectoure has long been known for its rich architectural and cultural heritage. It is not so surprising, that buildings like this can be found in its very heart. Yet, although we write these words, and despite many years of exploring the town and discovering its hidden treasures, one cannot help but be surprised and a little amazed all the same. Agog is not a word we often use, but it is one which springs to mind. Agog with the light, the views and the originality of the building.

The ground floor

This 260m² tower is set on four levels, and on each of these levels, we can see the artistic heart of the current owner at work, surprising us with an eclectic choice of furnishings and colour: inspiration from all over the world.

On the ground floor, there is a lovely kitchen which opens onto a small preserved garden. Its ceilings are high (indeed they are high on every level and one must relish upward mobility in this property!). Behind the main kitchen, a second useful space for food preparation and storage of local wines. On the far side, a rear garden which is in essence a shaded courtyard space with an old well.

The first floor

An impressive, modern flights of stairs rises upwards to the first floor. Here, the smaller reception room overlooks the kitchen below.  Also on this level there is a first floor WC and a secondary access back down to the cellar.

The second floor

Onward and upwards, the same staircase leads to the fabulous second floor, which is the most breath-taking of rooms. A vast reception room with high ceilings opens out on to the most incredible view. Perhaps one of the most impressive the town of Lectoure has to offer.


No concession has been made to walls, the space is uninterrupted, hence the bedroom sits in the rear corner of the reception room. Once either has no need for privacy or no desire for it in this property : at least not on the second floor. Those of a more timid nature, will perhaps wish to divide the space, but for now, we embrace it in complete decadence. The view to one side, the sitting room in the middle, the bedroom to the rear. A description of this room would not be complete without a mention of the fabulous fireplace and beautiful terrace.  To the far end, there is a shower room.

The third floor

Rising to the third floor, via the same central staircase, we discover this equally impressive space (a mirror image of the floors below in this symmetrical tower), has been used as a glorious artist’s atelier. With the same fantastic views, this sunlit room is a delight, and the perfect place for a creative to dwell.

On the third floor there is also a bedroom and a shower room on the northern side with a WC.

Surprisingly, this property is bathed in light. Not quite what one would expect from a medieval tower. The building has been completely restored and benefits from tall new windows and a glass roof top window. All modern comforts can be found within the tower in 2023. There is no need to fear the rattling chains and damp humidity of the sixteenth century. Warmth, opulence and beauty are the key words here.

The outside

Another unusual aspect of such a property in Lectoure, is the 60m² garden. Albeit not a vast space, it has the intimacy of a secret garden, and is quiet and mysterious. It serves as a perfect buffer zone to the town. In this property we first of all enter the road, and then retreat via the garden, to the tower at the far end. This shedding of layers, ensures a sense of leaving the urban world behind and entering the most private of spaces.


We have kept the final surprise until last. In the garden, there is a wooden house, of 100m², which serves as a perfect guest house in the summer. Perhaps for one of those more traditional guests, who prefers a bedroom with four closed walls. Entirely separate to the house, and sitting at the foot of the tower, this is a fantastic space.

    Our thoughts here at Bliss

    This property is perfect for originals or all kinds, artists, and writers and creatives.

    What would I do if this property were mine? I would sit in front of the open window on a summer’s day, and look to the south, and let my imagine wander…and fill the property with books and paintings. Guests would sleep in the log cabin. 

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