Exceptional property
with superb views

in picturesque village

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HeatingWood, electric
  • Lectoure
DPE297 / E
GES9 / B
Bliss Exclusive
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Where are we?

This property is situated in one of the most authentic and beautiful villages in Gascony.

This small medieval town is perched on high and has all the innocence and theatricality of a stage set; so perfectly maintained are its houses, with their pretty coloured shutters and neat flowers on the window sills.

This Gascon village is nothing save picturesque!

There is a tranquillity here interrupted only by the solemn chime of the church bell from the church tower.

The village is within easy driving distance of both market towns of Condom and Lectoure, a little over an hour from Toulouse

Blagnac international airport and just under an hour to the TGV station to Bordeaux, Paris and Toulouse.

The property

There is little to be seen from the outside of the property other than its high stone walls and the solid wooden doors of its entrance, which makes our first sighting of the garden when its doors are pulled back quite special, as the dramatic view on the other side of the garden gate is quite unexpected.

Our eyes are drawn along a white stone path to a stone wall at the far end of the garden, from which there is a vertiginous view over the valley to the south.

In this respect, the garden has its own “ramparts”, and it is here on a sunny day we sit up on high to lunch and admire the chequered green and golden fields below, spread out in their rich tapestry.

The garden is completely private and tranquil, and is surely one of the most beautiful spots for al fresco dining in Gascony.

The house sits to one side of the pathway, the old barn to the other.

The garden is full of ancient scented roses, with beautiful colours of baby pink contrasting perfectly with the pale leaves of the olive tree.

There are flower beds bursting into life with the summer sunshine and with the dramatic backdrop of the barn.

The pool is partially enclosed in a stone building, and is thus beautifully sheltered.

First let’s take a look at the house.

Built on two levels, each level is a separate, independent unit, allowing the property to be occupied as one single house or two completely independent appartments within the same house.

One can of course choose to link the two floors via a staircase.

On the upper garden level, there is a large and spacious reception-room, with an open-plan kitchen in one corner.

This beautiful room has windows on three sides, with views over the valley and the garden.

The view from each window is unspoilt and the recently fitted windows provide the perfect framework.

Two original doors lead to a large double bedroom with an ensuite shower-room and WC.

The bedroom overlooks the valley, and has an ornamental fireplace.

A newly fitted wooden staircase leads to a first floor mezzanine above, which is currently used as a study.

Returning to the garden once more, we descend a flight of stone steps to an enclosed courtyard below. This area holds the warm sunlight between its stone walls and is the perfect sheltered spot on a windy day, or between seasons.

The lower courtyard, and the lower level of the house can also be accessed directly from the village, so that although there are two sections to this property, each has its own garden.

On the ground floor we enter a beautiful kitchen with a long stone work surface and sink that runs the entire length of one wall, with views to the garden.

The room has two archways, one of which opens directly onto the main reception-room, where there is a woodburning stove, the second archway opens onto an area currently as a bedroom albeit this room does not have a door. This area could also be used as an extension of the main reception-room, as a study, or second sitting-room.

On the lower ground floor level, there is also a spacious shower-room.

The barn

This is arguably one of the most beautiful buildings we have seen at Bliss, and the barn has its own special history. During the war, members of the resistance met here, and made radio broadcasts to London from the upper section of the barn, via a radio set which was still present, and is now housed in a museum. If these old stone walls could tell a story.. we would hear their whispers long into the night.

The barn is currently used for storage on both levels. We particularly love the stone steps to the upper level which run up the external wall.

Although planning permission would definitely be required for a change of usage, one cannot help but imagine what an amazing project one could carry out here.

Things we love here at BLISS

We love the magical view, and the equally magical stone wall at the end of the garden, over which we can peer down into the valley, as if hanging from the rim of the world.

The barn is fabulous and the main house beautifully restored to the highest of standards.

We particularly love the sense of being behind the ancient walls of the church on one side, but looking over the valley on the other.

The partially enclosed swimming pool is tastefully engineered and utterly discreet, being hidden behind stone walls. Small details such as these contribute to our overall sense of having found a very special and magical property in an utterly delightful location.

    Our thoughts here at Bliss

    This property has been completely renovated in the last couple of years, from its roof, to everything you see inside. To all intents and purposes this building was saved from ruin by its current owner, who has a passion for authentic detail and architectural beauty having lived in, and restored, other properties worthy of note.

    With the keen eye of an artist, the materials, fixtures and fittings have been chosen with a strict regard to the period of the property, to the extent that the overall result is one of a property which has barely been touched at all.

    The property’s rust coloured window frames blend perfectly with the stone walls of the property, the stone sink, the choice of bathroom tiles, each come together to create a harmonious whole, leaving its guests with the sense of a property which feels both restful and tasteful.

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    Information on the risks to which this property is exposed is available on the website: www.georisques.gouv.fr