Charming property
Close to Auch

The French Riviera in the Gers


All measurements are approximate

HeatingHeat pump, fuel, wood
  • Auch
DPE108 / C
GES25 / C
Bliss Exclusive
693 000

We wonder what it’s doing here, with its Mediterranean villa vibe. It feels like a Slim Aarons photograph. We wouldn’t be surprised to see bikini-clad nymphs sipping Martinis by the pool. Or perhaps an older couple lounging on deck chairs, sunglasses on, contemplating the landscape. That’s when we understand: here, the sea is green. As far as the eye can see, it ripples gently all the way to the Pyrenees in the distance. We are on the deck of a luxury boat languidly slicing through the passage of time under the blue sky. The calm is overwhelming. Just the gurgle of a fountain, the song of a bird, a deer passing through the tall grass. A few strokes to cool off.


Suddenly, a grand party. Chic people, friends laughing heartily, a glass in hand. Children jump and scream in the pool. They splash everyone. The men are busy at the barbecue. We dance to loud music. The neighbors don’t mind: they’re far away. The sun is scorching. We’ll need to open the shades. How about a walk in the woods? It’s cool there. And with a bit of luck, we’ll spot pheasants. Or hares. By the way, have you seen the pond, with the goldfish and water lilies? Come see, I parked my new car in the garage. Have you tasted the garden’s fruits?


Night falls. Unfortunately, it starts to rain. Let’s take shelter. Patio or living room? Both are spacious. Unless you prefer to play billiards in the game room? Are you staying overnight? The studio is ready. Stay a few days with the kids, the guest house is free.


It’s late. We go to bed, our gaze lost on the pool which has regained its calm. We’ll clean the kitchen later, it’s hidden enough to not see the mess.


Tomorrow, we’ll go shopping in Auch, it’s only ten minutes away. But only after a good soak in the whirlpool tub. Then I’ll isolate myself a bit in my office. I have work to finish before tinkering in the shed.


Hey, tonight, do we have guests or are we having a romantic evening on the terrace?


    Our thoughts here at Bliss

    It’s a house that will transport you elsewhere and —though equipped with the latest technologies— to another time: a time when life was enjoyed with carefree abandon. An island of luxury equipped with all modern comforts dedicated to pleasure and contemplation.

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    Technical details

    Reversible heat pump

    Fireplace insert

    Fuel heating

    Central vacuum system

    2000-liter water tank

    Electric roller shutters

    4×10 pool

    Sink with garbage disposal

    Measurements (approximate data)

    Living room: 55 m²

    Entrance: 10 m²

    Kitchen: 14.50 m²

    Bedroom 1: 17 m²

    Bedroom 2: 16.50 m²

    Bathroom: 10.50 m²

    Patio: 39 m²

    Game room: 32 m²

    Office: 17 m²

    Studio: 28 m²

    Laundry room: 18.50 m²

    Guest house apartment: 70 m²

    Garage: 48 m²

    Shed: 250 m²

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