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Property with ancient stone pillars
close to Lectoure

with gardens & view

This old stone house, with its ancient stone pillars (thought to date back to medieval times) is located at the end of a private lane, and in a tranquil spot far from any neighbouring properties and with beautiful views to the South towards Lectoure. The views are remarkable as they encompass both fields and forests lending the property both a sheltered ‘tucked-away’ feeling (as accessed down a long private driveway) yet with a great sense of distance across verdant countryside to the front. This is truly a beautiful position for the house, with an exceptional plot of land so close to the sought-after market-town of Lectoure.

The landscaped gardens around the house are particularly pleasing, and the gardens have been well maintained with a variety of trees, shrubs and bushes and rockeries which blend gently into the spectacular Gascon countryside around. The property is flanked by fields of wheat, rape or sunflower on alternate years providing a picturesque backdrop.

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  • Lectoure
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The property is in partially habitable on the Southern side, with the rooms to the front of the house used by the current owners. However, this expansive property offers the potential for renovation to a grand home, with much of the current surface area unexploited and which remains in its original condition (stone and earth floors).

The property could easily be used as is currently the case, for a summer getaway, but for year-round use would require complete renovation with the potential for an impressive country residence.

Future owners could content themselves with a manageable sized renovation project, concentrating on the main house, or choose to extend into the barns, either immediately or over time, according to budget.

    Here at Bliss

    Here at Bliss we like the possibility of using the adjacent barn either on the upper level, for additional bedroom space or on both levels with the possibility of a large art gallery, atelier, or even a theatre.
    Such an exceptional amount of space offers a multitude of possibilities, but whatever the project, such works to the property would be well-worth the investment, considering the location of the property and the natural beauty of this spot.  

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