Fully Restored Château
on 5 hectares of land

with 2 hectares of woodland and 3 water sources

All measurements are approximate

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DPE166 / C
GES29 / C
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Dating back to 1547, the Château has grown over the centuries according to the needs of the families who have had the joy of living here.

Situated up on high, in a peaceful haven, the chateau looks down over neatly lawned gardens  and woodland.

Flanking the building from the rear is a prehistoric rockface; a feature of the landscape since time immemorial when dinosaurs roamed the land.

The Chateau faces south, where between the branches of the trees and across the valley, modern life beckons from afar, with the distant outline of AGEN etched onto the horizon.

This juxtaposition of bucolic splendour coupled with the proximity of city life creates much of the inherent magic of this property. The gardens, and landscape immediately around the property have conspired for centuries to provide an utterly idyllic and bucolic retreat from the world with the promise of urban life across the valley.

It takes a moment to adjust one’s thoughts to the fact that the shops, cinemas, theatres, and schools of Agen are a short drive away.

In layman’s terms, one can pop out and seek a baguette or bottle of wine in almost the same amount of time as it might take to walk to the tower at the far end of the garden and back again.

The position, is in a word magnificent.

Magnificent and unexpected.

The word château can often be misleading. If  “Chateau” conjures images of medieval drafts, and chill stone floors, then rest assured that none of the grace and beauty associated with a chateau has been sacrificed in the name of comfort, and yet this property is decidedly “comfortable”, modern and in full working order.

For home-seekers who dream of living in aesthetically pleasing historical buildings you will not be disappointed. None of the restorations carried out have removed an iota of the château’s charm.

A walk in the grounds throws up delightful views of this architectural beauty from every angle.

In the grounds of the château it is easy to take a sumptuous photograph, because from every angle; be it in the garden, the pool, the chapel or the tower, the Château has a grace and elegance which is entirely photogenic.

From the outside it is impossible to imagine the level of comfort within.

Inside is a very different story. Stone walls, high ceilings, and characterful fireplaces can be found. But you will also find five star comfort and modernity.

Look no further than the C grade rating on the energy efficiency scale. In part due to the thick walls, but also due to the current owners love of houses that “work” and where the management of a substantial building such as this one might be made as easy possible.

Restored throughout the property was used as a luxury family home with chambres d’hôtes since 2011, ceasing its very successful business just a couple of years ago.


The Château is located in a vibrant area of the Lot and Garonne, with Gascony (known as the Tuscany of France) and popular towns such as Lectoure forty minutes away. It is 5km from the centre of Agen, with the city’s local airport just 20m away. Toulouse international airport and Bergerac airport are both one and a half hours away. It is possible to ski in the Pyrenees within two and a half hours, reach the Atlantic coast is the same time. It takes just three hours to enjoy the beaches of the Mediterranean.

The Property at a glance!

The Château sits on five hectares of land and has three water sources with a constant supply.

Over two hectares of the parkland is lawned with a further two hectares of woodland providing a constant supply of logs for the fireplaces.

There are some fine specimens of tree, with Magnolia, Cedar of Lebanon and an American Tulip Tree (Tulipier de Virginie)

There is a gorgeous orchard, with prunes, cherries, apple & fig.

Let’s take a look inside

The first point of note is that property is filled with light, with all main reception rooms facing south. It is possible to walk from one end of the Château to the chapel at the other, passing tall windows the entire way, and a gorgeous view of the parkland to the front of the property, the terrace and views across the valley.

The Ground Floor

The ground floor comprises two fabulous dining-rooms (36m² and 45m²) and a (58m²), reception room all with views. There is both a library and a study (18m² and 29m²)

Each of the rooms is bathed with constant light.

The spacious kitchen (25m²) with fireplace and “bar” has a door to the east and north facing terrace, a lovely shady area against the rockface, where there is a jacuzzi and a private terrace area. There is also a second scullery style kitchen (14m²).

The ground floor is also well equipped for with a laundry room. There are two downstairs WCs and a cloakroom.

The First Floor

On the first floor there are four luxurious ensuite rooms (each of + 50m²) and two ensuite rooms (+ 30m²)

Each of the rooms has a private bathroom and toilet.

The second floor

The second floor has been fully converted. Here we find a massage-room (17m²) and three bedrooms (17m², 20m², 36m²) with a bathroom/WC (16m²).

Each of the bedroom has high ceilings and is equally as generous in space as the first floor.

Additional Buildings

The Château comprises a pigeonnier  and a lavoir (water source where domestics would wash the laundry) 30m².

There is a 30m² pool house which resembles a small “house”, a garage for the tractor/mower, a boiler room, and a workshop atelier. There is also a large outbuilding that opens onto the second courtyard, and two internal courtyard (120m² and 160m²).

La Tour D’Estrade

This magnificent tower which sits in the heart of the woodland has been recently restored by its current owners and is also known as La Causerie. Traditional this is where the ladies would await their husbands as they hunted in the forest and would sit and chat (or “causer”). This delightful round tower  (45m²) has a gorgeous rooftop and adds a decidedly romantic feel to the property!

The Family Chapel

This beautiful consecrated chapel is accessible from the ground floor; a lovely restful place for prayer and meditation.

    Our thoughts here at Bliss

    The château is a place of total peace and tranquillity, where there is a sense of having come to “another world” in this sumptuous château.

    The current owners have upkept the property to the absolute highest standards, both internally and externally and we have rarely seen efficiency and modernity behind such a beautiful and historical façade.

    There are echoes of the past everywhere, from the clocktower, to the chapel, and the Tour d’Estrade in the woodland.

    This property would provide a sumptuous private home for a large family or once again could open its doors to guests who returned year after year, to enjoy its spacious ensuite rooms, poolside, and charm.

    This property is highly recommended here at BLISS IMMOBILIER.

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    On a Technical Note!

    Swimming pool : 12m x 5m

    Spa (6 places)

    Balnéo bathtub


    Gym with : Rowing machine, weights, running machine, bike, etc

    2 gas boilers (62 KG)

    Underground gas tank (1,7 tons)

    2 large open fireplaces

    3 pellet burners

    Septic tank

    Cabled internet

    Automatic watering system for the garden

    380 TRI electrical system

    Information on the risks to which this property is exposed is available on the website: www.georisques.gouv.fr