What do you enjoy most about being a part of Bliss?

I love meeting new people and exploring new places. I like to think we’re different at Bliss; we care about our clientele. It’s often a difficult decision to sell a home and I feel at Bliss we offer a much more personal approach. This I enjoy.

Perfect Day in Gascony?

My perfect day starts with a walk through the vines in the sunshine, with my Border Collie, and ends on the terrace, sipping Armagnac, under the enormous glittering sky. In between, a long indulgent lunch with good friends and good wine is a must, with lots of laughter and chatter.

Secret Squirrel tip for a hot place to eat?

My current favourite is “ Le Carrousel Gourmand” in Fourcès. Lunching out is my hobby and it’s difficult to choose just one!

Something you have done in Gascony you would never have done in your previous life?

Pick up a toad!

Funniest thing to have happened to you in Gascony?

Mispronunciation of the French town of Moncuq. I was lost and found myself in a gas station asking for directions to a private part of my anatomy

Favourite local wine?

Pellauhaut, Magnaut and Monluc bubbles.

Favourite local dish?

I love a platter of cheese. “Les Fromages de Marie” in Moncrabeau has a delicious selection

Favourite month of the year?

Probably October as Autumn rolls in, or May