Magnificent Stone Property in Impressive 1.8 hectare Parkland

Property with Pigeon Tower, internal courtyard and extensive gardens

Fabulous Estate with stunning Architecture
472 500 €

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Situated a short drive from the market town of Lectoure, over hill and dale, and along pleasant country lanes, we have tumbled into a bucolic frame of mind, in which it is forever summer, and the skies are always blue, long before the car rounds its last bend.

We turn into a long private country lane, where our first glimpse of this magnificent property is preserved until the very last moment.

It is breath-taking.

There is little preparation for the grandeur of the parkland, which rolls gently down from the property’s hilltop position, to a gentle stream below, where a private water source is tributary to a lake in the neighbouring field.

There is a timeless appeal here, with so few landmarks other than those which have always been here, such as the trees, the line of the hilltop and the curve of the river bank.

A huge expanse of earth has just been tilled in preparation for the vegetable plot, and we sense in the rich brown soil, the carefully tended lawns, and neatly pruned trees, that the current owner has lovingly cared for these gardens over the last twenty years.

There is complete silence all around.

Dominating the parkland from up on high, the property is both protected and elegantly framed by an attractive stone wall with wrought iron gates to each side, which runs along the front of the property.

The property is built in fine white stone; an ancient relais de poste, its rooftops entirely restored in the 1980s and in immaculate condition.

As we circle the property to the rear, an attractive and rusted wrought-iron gate attracts our attention. It is the sort of gate certain to arouse one’s curiosity with the promise of an inner-secret waiting to be discovered. As we push it open, it defies our greatest expectations.

An internal courtyard lies beyond, in the centre of which sits a large square well in stone. Once the gate is closed, one has the impression of a sixteenth century courtyard. There is a small outbuilding, covered with vine leaves, in which it is easy to imagine plump chickens laying eggs. There is an impressive pigeon tower, whose stone walls and roof-tops have been restored to impressive standards. On the other side, the original stone balcony and balustrade, runs the full length of the property, creating an inner gallery to the upper floor of the house.

Is it our imagination or does a sixteenth century maid run down the steps, flapping her aprons, chasing a stray chicken from the kitchen door?

If this internal courtyard were a stage-set in a film, it would be that of a rural estate, in the Three Muskateers. The stone steps are carved to perfection, the ancient walls that encompass the central well, unchanged despite the centuries that have passed.

This is a property where the parkland around the property serves both to protect and aggrandise the ensemble. This is more than a humble farm. This is a building that sought to impress. However, the internal gardens, be they to the front of rear of the property, offer an intimacy and charm which is rare.

The unique appeal of this property lies in its unique architecture, and its parkland.

The inside of the property is somewhat of a surprise, as one has the impression that only a small segment of the entire building has been used, and that as such the owners live in but a small portion of the house.

The expectation one has on arrival is of something immense – but the reality is that of a modest home sheltering inside a much larger area of potential.

There is a respectably sized salon, with an impressive floor: the tiles hewn from thick hunks of rock by a local stone maçon. The main reception room overlooks the park, as with most of the rooms in this property, benefits from spectacular views. There is an open fireplace in the centre of the room.

The kitchen is simple and rustic in style, with floor tiles in turn-of-the-last-century cement tiles. The wooden units are functional. Everything is clean, and neat and tidy, with the ambiance one might find in any farmhouse kitchen in Gascony. There are little frills, but here is a space (albeit dated) with which one could work to begin with.

On the ground-floor level we find a small study (which offers a curious access to the garage and may be better if not positioned here at all), two bedrooms (22m2 and 15m2) and a bathroom, with its 1950s décor, which although crying out for renovation is clean and functional, though sparse, and with few frills or fancies.

Upstairs the space is also curiously reduced, with two further bedrooms (13.5m2 and 18m2) separated by a third room, which could be used as a dressing room, or study. The rear bedroom opens onto the internal courtyard, and the internal galley or “coursive”, described above.

It is almost certain that a modern buyer will wish to reconfigure the bathrooms and the bedrooms, (the bathrooms are not luxurious by any stretch of the imagination! – or even very large) and to exploit the vast potential in the barns, and the attic, where there is more than adequate room to increase the current living space.

Were these works already to have been carried out, the property would most certainly be offered to the market in an entirely different price bracket than the one proposed.

What we have is a kernel, or nutshell of a property, nestling inside the framework of a much bigger and grander building.

The advantage that we have is that the roofs are in perfect condition, and the stone work and insulation of most of the spaces available for renovation have already been attended to.

This is a fine property from the exterior. A project which would be a joy to complete, as everything is there for the creation. There is nothing which requires demolition. There is only “addition” required, and we are working on a clean and blank canvas. With so many restauration projects in Gascony, one must first destroy in order to rebuild. Often one must remove centuries of detritus before one can begin. Not so here. The framework, the walls, are impeccable.

The current property (inside a much grander property) offers a haven in which one can live throughout the time of works.

There is a neighbouring property to the rear of this property, which has no vis à vis onto the property sold, but which offers a comforting presence. This is not an isolated house, but it is a very private one. 



Here at Bliss we particularly like:

The light which bathes the house and the views from up on high, down across the parkland to the river at the very bottom. 

The unspoilt parkland; a haven of tranquillity.

Rarely has a property set in such a fine location, close to Lectoure, come to the market.

Almost every room opens either on to the parkland, with its impressive oak trees creating a leafy canopy in summer, or onto the internal courtyard to the rear.

The stone mason has renovated the pure white stone of the outer walls exquisitely.

 How could one not love the inner courtyard, and the long minstrel’s gallery that runs along the inner wall of the courtyard.

A unique gem, polished and shiny on the outside, rough and unhewn within.

There is so much one can do here….. the internal space is available wherever one looks, it requires only imagination to begin.






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