Unique property with private lake
5 stone cottages

26 hectares of land, wood, chalet and pool


Toutes les mesures sont approximatives

ChauffageOil, electrical
Proche de
  • La Romieu
DPE202 / D
GES6 / B
892 500
Frais d'agence inclus (5%) à la charge du vendeur

The wind in the willows

Picture gentle riverbanks sloping down to the waters, with a private 1km walkway around the banks of the lake. The water once provided the entire local village with tap water but is now privately owned. The waters are alive with fish, and for lovers of birds and wildlife this is the perfect spot. Take a punt out to your own private island (admittedly only a tiny island but an island all the same), picnic on the riverbank or spend sleepy afternoons on the riverbanks. This is a paradise for fishermen or dog lovers, for families with children who enjoy messing about on the water.


This lake-side domain offers its future owners an incredible opportunity to own a private lake and a nature reserve with water, woodland, and pasture, in the highly sought-after area of Lectoure/La Romieu. This is a prime area for tourists, and for year-round residents who are attracted to the area by its sweeping hillside views, clement weather, good food and long life-expectancy. With year-round activity in the nearby town of village, and excellent schools in both Condom and Lectoure, this could be the perfect place to relocate and develop a family business and home.

If this sounds appealing, read on!


The wooden chalet

Let’s begin with perhaps the most exciting and unusual of the two buildings: the log cabin, which is perched on the riverbank high above the lake. The wooden chalet overlooks the water, and ever-changing tableau throughout the seasons and is utterly tranquil and delightfully original. If you like the warmth of wooden walls, the creak of boards as you cross the room to throw another log onto the fire, or simply yearn after a Canadian-style log cabin, you will feel very at home…. There is one technical issue to note. With the heat wave last summer, a micro-crack has appeared in the joint between the house and the terrace, and this has caused the terrace to move a couple of centimetres away from the house. The wooden beams which carry the weight of the terrace have rotten, as (possibly) the wrong type of wood was used at the time of construction. The chalet itself appears not to have suffered, but other repair work is necessary.


Bearing this in mind, there are two options, depending on the long terms project of the future buyers.

The first is to restore the existing cabin, and to make good the terrace and to change the wooden beam structure beneath the terrace, or to remove the terrace and rebuilt it to the side. The second (which some buyers have suggested) is to apply for new planning permission and redesign the chalet to their own taste.

In either case, the chalet is a warm and welcoming haven of peace in an exceptional position, and in such a peaceful spot that one could easily decide to create the main dwelling here, and to leave the stone property to guests.

The chalet sits apart from the main stone house and offers the owner a tranquil location far from any guests.

The chalet affords the absolute best views of the lake. If you want to wake up to see birds skimming the waters, and diving for fish, you will want to make this section of the property yours.

The Five Stone Gites

There is enormous scope for the development of the site, the lake itself attracting pilgrims, tourists and families who flock to the area every summer. Although the current owners have not wished to do so, food is not currently provided, or evening meals. This is one of several options to increase annual turnover. The current owners opted not to allow guests to swim in the lake and thus did not take out the necessary insurance policy to enable this, however new owners could change the rules and open the waters up to paying guests.

The five gites are sold furnished and are clean and functional, with neat bathrooms and kitchens.

The profile of the typical client who comes to the area is a family with children, looking to enjoy plenty of outdoor space as opposed to a rental in town; families who enjoy the 1km walkway around the riverbanks, and who swim not in the lake, but in the recently added heated pool.

The stone gites are built back-to-back and in such a way as to enable to joining together of the various rooms so that if one wanted to, it would be possible to create a single stone house.

There is also a large barn for storage offering the potential (relevant planning permissions permitting) for conversion to extra habitable space.


We encourage you to book a visit if you are drawn to the following:

Water and woodland all around.

A property with 5 gites (the space not currently configured as a typical “house” for its owners) and have a tourist-linked project

A wooden chalet to restore or redesign, perched high above the riverbank, or if you are looking to redesign a family home in stone on a large plot of land with a lake.


    Our thoughts here at Bliss

    This property is ideal for anyone looking to develop a successful tourist attraction close to Lectoure but could also appeal to buyers looking to redevelop the property as a private home and to convert the five stone gites into a single stone house.

    If your senses come alive beside the water’s edge, and you are familiar with the area, you will already know if you have sought out a similar location, that properties in Gascony with such a large stretch of lakeside area nigh on impossible to find. This is certainly the largest stretch of water we have had for sale since the current author began to work in local real-estate in 2007 and despite covering a 200km radius.

    For this reason, we are incredibly excited here at BLISS to be able to present you with a small haven of peace; a world unto itself, a place to which you can escape and leave the world behind.

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    Technical details :

    10 m x 5 m heated salt pool (2022)

    Septic tank

    Oil and electrical heating

    25,82 Hectares of land, lake, woods, 7 springs, 1 pond

    Each gite has a private terrace garden

    Room Sizes (approximate measurements)

    CHALET 109.83m²

    Living room : 33.79 m²

    Kitchen : 12.08 m²

    WC : 1.50 m²

    Bedroom 1 : 8.45 m²

    Bathroom : 4.93 m²

    Corridor : 6.40 m²

    Inner hallway : 3.86 m²

    Bedroom 2 : 16.79 m²

    Store room : 1.36 m

    Veranda: 20.67 m²

    GITE 1 : 91.72 m²

    Living room / kitchen : 48.93 m²

    Bedroom : 14.08 m²

    Shower room : 5.17 m²

    WC : 1.15 m²

    Bedroom : 18.86 m²

    Shower room : 3.53 m

    GITE 2 : 48.62 m²

    Living room / kitchen : 26.27 m²

    Bedroom: 9.39 m²

    Landing : 4.76 m²

    Shower room : 8.20 m²

    GITE 3 : 86.54m²

    Living room / kitchen : 46.86 m²

    Bedroom : 11.95 m²

    Shower room : 3.60 m

    Bedroom : 21.62 m²

    Shower room : 2.51 m²

    GITE 4 : 99.67m²

    Living room : 17.70 m²

    Living room / dining-room : 33.91 m²

    Kitchen : 11.22 m²

    Bedroom: 12.35 m²

    Shower room : 6.99 m²

    Bedroom: 12 m²

    Corridor: 5.50 m²

    GITE 5 : 37.38 m²

    Living room / kitchen : 15.03 m²

    Entrance hallway : 2.69 m²

    Bedroom : 11.02 m²

    Shower room : 8.64 m²


    Barn 1 : 76.75 m²

    Barn 2 : 41.14 m²

    Boiler room : 14.67 m²

    Information on the risks to which this property is exposed is available on the website: www.georisques.gouv.fr