Magnificent manor house
with gardens and pool

A former elegance


Measurements are approximate, not to scale

Heat pump, oil
  • Marciac
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This lovely six-bedroomed manor house has been restored throughout to perfection.

The property can be used as a single and spacious residence although there are two distinct halves, with a traditional Gascon period entrance hall to the front and a contemporary extension of a wine chai/barn to the rear, creating a single, exceptional home with a few surprising design twists along the way! 

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The Gardens & Outbuildings

An elegant gravel driveway curves neatly from the gates to the front door with lawns to each side.

The front of the property is minimalistic and formal.

The pool is harboured discreetly in a closed terrace area to the left of the main entrance with a smart terrace around all four sides of the pool with plenty of space for deckchairs and sun loungers.

To the far end of the pool, there is an old converted outbuilding. The wooden section above is a relic of days when chickens or pigeons were kept on the land, and the two old pig stys below are converted into a neat WC area with outdoor laundry facilities on one side and the storage area for the pool pump on the other. There is an outside shower beside the pool.

On the other side of the property, past the parking area, and round to the side, there are pretty beds of country flowers in bloom and a lovely enclosed vegetable plot divided into neat sections by paving stones. Here, tomatoes, red peppers, and courgettes grow.

To the rear of the property, and the barn extension, there is an expanse of lawn and two old oaks.There are pretty far-reaching views on this side as well as a fabulous double terrace with sliding glass aluminium doors which open along the entire length of the kitchen wall, creating a lovely internal, external flow between house and garden.

The barn, which we access from the rear, is divided into two sections and is ideal for storage of garden equipment and tools in the workshop.

The final section of the garden to the side is a dry Mediterranean garden laid with gravel.

The property is nicely implanted in the middle of its 1.2 hectare plot with space on all four sides and free from the overview of any neighbouring properties.

The original house

The property has retained all its former elegance. It was built in the grand style of a maison de maitre or small chateau. The original door open onto a central hallway clad with white travertine tiles. With the exception of those rooms retaining their original wooden floors, most other floors are unified throughout in stone, lending a contemporary and fresh feel to the property, one room flowing nicely to the next. The effect is calming and this is accentuated by the choice of whites and muted grey woodwork throughout.

At the end of the hallway, the curving bannister of the original staircase winds up to the first floor bedrooms and the second floor attic.

The old kitchen 

The guest kitchen sits to the left of the entrance hall and leads at the far end to an outside parking area. 

This kitchen is not used as the main family kitchen but for guests to the property. 

It has a lovely old wooden cupboard in pale grey-blue for plates and cutlery, an original old fireplace fitted with a wood-burning stove, and a bar area, with two windows overlooking the front of the property. 

The Reception Room 

This elegant room sits opposite the old kitchen, with French-doors opening onto the pool and a pretty view of its deep blue water.

With bespoke shelves to each side of the old marble fireplace and original wooden floors this room is decorated in cool and calming shades of white (on the walls) and grey blue on the shelving. 

The downstairs bedroom 

At the end of the hallway before the staircase, there is a downstairs bedroom (currently containing two twin beds) and an ensuite shower room with a glass radiator and an elegant white sink, WC and shower unit. 

The study 

Also on the ground floor, we find a small room currently used as the family office with a wooden work desk for two and a pretty view over the pool. There is also access here to the new rear barn conversion but first let’s finish our visit to the first floor of the original maison de maitre. 

The first floor

(maison de maître)

The upstairs hallway is a magnificent space leading to a feature window at the end with carved internal shutters.

The master suite

The master suite comprises a grand double bedroom with the original old floor, and access to the bathroom where there is a contemporary black bath-tub, a large walk-in shower and WC.

This room is bathed in light with a view of the gardens from two windows and pool from a third window (a remarkable feature of much of the house is how light it is).

On the opposite side of the upstairs hallway there is a family suite.

This comprises a second large double bedroom, with the same delightful period features (high ceilings, wooden floors, tall windows), access to a second smaller bedroom which is ideal for children which connects to a shower room.

The children’s bedroom does not have direct access to light via an individual window, but borrows light from the larger bedroom and sunny bathroom. This room could also be used as a large walk-in dressing room.

We complete our tour of the first floor of the original maison de maitre, with a peek at the top floor attic. Although traversed with the impressive roof beams, there is a space in the middle of the attic with head height, and a lovely period window which echoes the style of the balcony window on the first floor.

The Renovated Wine Chai. 

The entire rear section of the original house had been developed with a fantastic contemporary twist, turning this old barn area into an architect’s dream. 

The Main Kitchen/ dining room/reception/television room

This 69m2 space provides a gleaming workspace for the keenest of chefs. With a central island, four oven units (traditional x 2 steam and microwave), with a dining area, a side door to the pool, a reception/television lounge at the opposite end, and fabulous glass windows along the wall overlooking the garden. The windows pull back completely into the wall on both sides, allowing this white bubble of contemporary and architectural delight to merge with the rich green tapestry of the garden and the valley beyond.


 Beyond the kitchen …

There is a laundry room, access to a separate room with a fireplace which looks as if it might have been an old kitchen at one time (but is ideal for the storage of the fridge and the freezer) and access to the barn/ workshop area. 

The contemporary bedroom suite – (in the old barn)

This suite sits on the first floor and measures over 53m2. This is one of the most impressive bedrooms we have seen at Bliss.

With access to a double terrace, two sets of sliding glass doors, customised mosquito net blinds, an ensuite bathroom, a walk-in dressing-room for Madame, a walk-in dressing room for Monsieur and a private upstairs reception room for relaxation away from the rest of the family, it is conceivably possible to live upstairs all day and never want to come down – except for food!

This area is incredibly generous in terms of space with high ceilings and a gorgeous view to the rear of the property.

The second bedroom suite (in the old barn) 

There is a second bedroom, warm and cosy in style with access to the bathroom on one side, a built-in cupboard and a separate exit via a rear staircase, ensuring completely separate access for guests to this bedroom. 

The second upstairs bathroom (barn side) 

There is a shower room set off from the bedroom, which can either be used by the occupants of the second upstairs bedroom (in this section of the property) or as a second bathroom to the main bedroom, should one choose to have separate bathrooms for the owners. 

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    Our thought here at Bliss

    This property is a gorgeous mix of classical 18th century architecture and the grand bourgeoise maison de maitre at the front, and to the rear, in the developed wine chai, a stunning modern refurbishment of a fantastic space which provides a kitchen and master suite of outstanding quality.

    This property is ideal for lettings, as one can choose to separate the two sides of the house into “private” and “guest” accommodation, with the option of letting either side.

    With this property there is not the slightest sense of one part of the property being “inferior”to the other. In terms of rentals this would be five star throughout, in the same way as the entire house could be opened for use on both sides by a single large family.

    Lovers of period style will relish the old part of the property, whereas in the rear of the house one could easily be in Paris, New York, or London : were it not for the quintessentially Gascon view of oak trees and fields.

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    Key words  




    Excellent renovation 


    Stripped back 






    On a practical note

    1.2 hectares of land and garden

    Rural views

    Edge of a quaint village

    Easy drive to Marciac, Vic or Plaisance

    Comfortable distance from neighbours (they can be discerned in the distance but not heard)

    Taxe foncière 2870

    Individual drainage system – a bio station, with a coconut filtration system.

    Water well

    Roof done in 1990

    Insulation – polyeurothene

    Double glazing

    Large bay window in aluminium (Anti breakage windows to the rear)

    Mostly wood framed windows with wooden shutters on the maison de maitre side

    Garage / barn

    Oil heating – front section of the house

    Heat pump – rear of property

    Underfloor heating in the kitchen and laundry

    2 hot water tanks –  280 litres x 2

    ADLS – internet

    Smoke detector

    Pool installed in 2017 :  11x 5  (1.2m deep) Pool Liner, Chlorine, walled for security

    Pool Robot.

    Entrance hall – 3.04 x 6, 82 = 20,7m²

    Living room – 5,18 x 4,93 = 25,5m²

    Guest kitchen – 5,35 x 5,16 = 27,1m²

    Ground floor bedroom – 5,8 x 2,6 = 15,1m² (y compris la salle d’eau)

    Entrance – 0,85 x 2,44= 2,1m²

    Toilet – 1,3 x 1,2 = 1,5m²

    Office – 3,66 x 2,61 = 9,5m²

    Main kitchen – 4,12 x 16,85 = 69.4m²

    Pantry – 5,2 x 4,12 = 21,4m²

    Old kitchen – 4,77 x 4,49 = 21,4m²

    Barn – 13,5 x 4,15 m2 = 56m²

    Office in top floor of barn (in its raw state) 4,88 x 4,65 = 22,7m²

    Bedroom in barn conversion – 3,00 x 4,33 = 13m²

    With ensuite bathroom – 3,25 x 1,25 = 4,01 m²

    Master suite – 12,5 x 4,3 = 53,7m²

    Bathroom – 2,15 x 3,12 = 6,7m²

    Dressing room 3,0 x 2,0 = 6m²

    Corridor to original house – 3,02 x 7 = 21,1m²

    First floor original house:

    Bedroom – 5,5 x 5,3 = 29, 1m²

    Bathroom – 2,67 x 2,3 = 6,1m²

    Children’s room without window – 2,94 x 2,70 = 7,9m²

    Bedroom – 5,16 x 5,25 = 27,1m²

    Bathroom – 2,59 x 3.08 = 7,99m²

    Attic – 6,5 x 15 = 97,5m²