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Beautifully Restored Château

Historical château: 4 ha of park, pool and outbuildings

Perched on one of the many rolling hills for which this area is renowned, this magnificent château is an integral part of the village in which its sits. Spanning the centuries, the Château is the heart of the village, just a stone’s throw away from the lively local restaurant where we lunch, yet preserved from view, and somehow utterly apart.

The village itself has a timeless appeal, clean and beautifully kept, its narrow streets lined with old stone buildings lead upwards towards the impressive gates of the Château. There isn’t a moat to cross – one quite simply rings the bell.

Passing under the gated archway into the perfectly manicured lawns, through an enchanted courtyard we catch our first glimpse of this magical property which sets the imagination alight, with a certain promise of several centuries of history beautifully preserved within.
This is very much a fairy-tale castle, its beauty however much apparent on the photographs, accentuated yet further in the flesh.  One can’t ignore the sense of stepping backwards in time, and yet the impression of detail and perfection from both the gardens and the Château, lend also a surreal sense of having stepped into a film or a book. Surely it isn’t possible to live in such a place as this?  We discover as we continue our journey that this is very much, above and beyond anything else, a comfortable and much-loved family home.

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Pausing to look up at the Château, and its fabulously preserved façade, we observe the rise of the semi-circular steps which lead us upwards towards the Renaissance wing with its 600m2 living space.

Here we discover the guardroom (200m2) with its resplendent stained-glass mullioned windows, and palatial fireplace carved in marble from the Pyrenees. The fireplace which is 4.25m wide and 5.2m high and designed by Pierre Souffron is one of the many examples of the preserved features of the Château, a listed historical monument.

In the King’s Room, thus named in honour of King Henri IV who is reputed to have slept there, we find a second fireplace also by Pierre Souffron. The fireplaces are listed as two of the five most beautiful in France. Two self-contained appartments are located at each end of this wing.

To the left is the (15th) century Medieval wing – 500m² of space with the addition of an 11th century dungeon below. This section of the building is the oldest, where one can admire the imposing front door, the 15th century round tower overlooking the beautiful surrounding countryside with views over the vineyards and fields of orchards and sunflowers. This wing also encompasses two extensive living areas, one with an impressive 15th century fireplace. A delightful dining room under a vaulted ceiling, a separate kitchen, office, cellar (in the 11th century dungeon), 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with a games room on the 3rd floor.

The centrepiece connecting the two wings is aptly named ‘The Dome’ due to its domed roof. This was built between the 17th and 18th century with a large kitchen on the ground floor to serve the large banqueting hall, a library on the first floor, and self-contained appartment/living-quarters on the second floor.

The Gardens and Other Buildings

The estate comprises 10 acres of parkland, 5 acres of which are contained within the inner Château walls. The gardens surrounding the Château are particularly lovely and beautifully tended.

There is a guardian’s house (123m² with 3 bedrooms) located to the left of the gateway as one enters the château, built in local limestone for which the area is famed. This historical building has been renovated to modern standards.

There is an additional 16th century outbuilding (300m² over two floors = 600m²) and other agricultural buildings, (300m² – outside of the fortified walls).

The Swimming pool (6m x 13m) is a heated pool in stone which lies adjacent to the Medieval wing of the Château.

Our thoughts here at Bliss

Despite being such an incredibly preserved testament to French history, the property is remarkably comfortable, offering many of the luxuries and conveniences of a modern-day home (see for example, the beautiful and spacious kitchen and dining room used by the family as one example). 

Other surprising elements for a Château of such renown, include the under-floor heating, the recently fitted and modern electrical fittings, a condensing boiler, an automatic sprinkler system, and mains drainage for sewage disposal.

The property is currently used as a family home, though with proportions as vast as these the Château might equally be opened as a luxury hotel, or a base for a business or training company.

If the world ‘French Château’ conjures up images of draughty hallways, and crumbling walls – think again. Rich in historical interest, this is a splendid building which has been lovingly restored and preserved, from its façade, to its inner walls, floors, ceilings, and plaster work.

The bathrooms are stylishly fitted, with beautiful original hand cast matching tiles throughout with an exquisite amount of attention to detail.

The property is located just 30 minutes from the airport and 45 minutes from the nearest train station, with its fast TGV train to Paris.

To whom will this property appeal?

This property will appeal to lovers of French history, and anyone desirous of living in a Château environment, but with the comforts of modern living.

Entrepreneurs looking to develop a business in a preserved and beautiful environment, in a typical “French Château” with easy access to London & Paris, and other European capital cities.

This would be an ideal place to host weddings or to run a training centre. Equally this would be perfect for the development of a luxury hotel or restaurant.

There is much additional space in the outbuilding to develop should further rooms be required.

This property will appeal to anyone who dreamt of living in a Château as a child, with a strong inner prince or princess still begging to run riot.

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