Historic Château
Set in Extensive Grounds

An island of tranquility between Condom & Agen

When you first pass through the wrought iron gates and drive down the extensive cedar-lined driveway, you know you are going
to find something special at the end of it.

Measurements are approximate, not to scale

Oil, electric and wood
  • Agen
  • Condom
980 000
Frais d'agence inclus (5%) à la charge du vendeur

After over 500 meters of a tree avenue, the view opens up to reveal the 18TH century façade of a substantial stone property set in a large park.

From here we can see the size and breadth of the property, although much of it is still hidden from view.

This house has been the treasured home of one family since the 1930s but there is over a thousand years of history here, as the first
mention of the chateau dates from the year 1094, and it has grown and changed over the generations.

We pass under the stone archway that would have been used by horse-drawn carriages in past times, and find ourselves
in a large enclosed lawn with a long line of outbuildings on the far side and a stone wall on the right revealing views over the countryside.

We turn around to look back at the house and now have a clear view of the original 11TH century tower.

The front door is here, and we pass through the high doorway into a spacious open hallway.

In front of us is the curving stone staircase that leads to the first floor. This is where we can see how the property
has grown organically over the centuries. 

On our left is the original tower and on our right are the 18th century reception rooms. 

We turn into the tower first; a huge stone fireplace immediately draws the eye, but the high ceilings
and thick walls are equally impressive. This room is now used as a dining room and a fully fitted butler’s
kitchen has been installed in one end.

The main reception rooms are on the other side of the hall; both face the front of the house and have tall French doors
leading out to the garden. The walls here are over a meter thick but the original fireplaces and flooring
attest to a period where elegant living was prized.

We pass through the formal drawing room to the large dining room and then to a sizeable kitchen, back kitchen, laundry room and office.
This part of the house will need to be updated but it will be well worth the effort.

On the ground floor there is also a games room, a shower room and a wine cellar.

Up the lovely stone staircase, the house is divided into a main sleeping area and the old servant’s quarters.

On the right, there are four bedrooms, one of which has a large attached bathroom.
A second bedroom has a private shower, while the other two bedrooms share the ground floor shower room.

The doors, floors, fireplaces and even the doorhandles remain unchanged since this part of the property was added, and all add to the feeling of having stepped back in time.

The former servant’s quarters are accessed through a door to a long corridor with views over the countryside
from multiple windows. There are two spacious bedrooms here, each with original floors and moldings, as well as a large bathroom
and separate WC.

A small staircase leads down to the back kitchen.

The hidden gem of this property is in the small stone tower set in the heart of the main building
and accessed from the first-floor landing. 

We are offered a large iron key, which opens a door to a private family chapel, which has been used for generations.

Up a winding staircase in the tower, another charming surprise awaits us: a round book-lined study with a tiny fireplace
and views over rolling hills is hidden up here. This was the private domain of the diplomat grandfather of the present owners
and has been preserved as it was in his lifetime.

A separate door leads to the extensive attics which currently are used as storage space.

Further accommodation at the chateau is provided by a one-bedroom apartment which has a rather grand private entry.

The gardens include a walled kitchen garden, a formal park and the large walled family garden.

Beyond the barns, a smaller archway leads to the back entrance to the property.

There is a 2-bedroom independent cottage here for guests or family to stay in. 

A huge stone barn is currently used to store farm equipment, but could so easily become a horse barn
or an extensive garage to house vintage cars.

All the land around the chateau belongs to it, so absolute privacy is guaranteed!

The property also includes a private wood of close to 10 acres which is only a five-minute walk from the grounds.

    Who will this property appeal to?

    Those looking for authenticity and spaciousness and a piece of history.

    Someone with the energy to renovate this superb property 

    Anyone who wants a property that has never undergone previous renovations, so there is nothing that needs to be ripped out.

    Someone who appreciates their privacy

    Ideal for those who need easy access to Agen or the toll road.

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