A gascon château
in the heart of the golden triangle

4.6 hectares of parkland and over 10 hectares of woods

Fondations from the Middle Ages

This magnificent Gascon Château sits in the heart of rolling countryside and has been treasured by the same family for several generations. With its foundations in the Middle Ages, circa 1479, these old stone walls have observed the centuries pass by and observed each generation adapt the building according to the needs and innovations of its time.

All measurements are approximate

  • Fleurance
  • Lectoure
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2 395 000
95 000 €

A historical gascon property

The most remarkable of these modifications was the extension of the original château before the French Revolution by the Comtesse de Beaumont, a courtesan of the court, who, forced to flee from court and to return home to Gascony, (one wonders at the actions that led to the wrath of the Queen?), later hosted political refugees herself, fleeing the bloodshed of Paris and the reign of terror in 1789.

A sanctuary during the second world war

Later throughout the 20th century and war with Germany, the chateau once again offered sanctuary to those in need. In the second world war a Jewish refugee by the name of Irène Lezorviez, was hidden here. As a sign of recognition a tree was planted in 1987 in Jerusalem as a sign of recognition to the Gascon French resistance.

The Comtesse de Beaumont was the person to make the greatest contribution to the development of the Château as we know it today. Bringing back home with her the notions of fine living she had experienced at court, the Comtesse was anxious to create a similar splendour in rural Gascony. This might have been a rural and working estate, but the Comtesse made additions to ensure that it was transformed into a place of beauty and the ideal place to host parties, with the addition of the 18th century wing which forms the main building today, to the addition of the stone turrets with their far reaching views, to the development of the stunning parkland with its tree-lined avenues in the shape of a star, leading to the bronze statue of Diane the huntress, and last but not least, the construction of the delicate and ornamental chapel where current owners of this family have married. During her time at the Château many parties were hosted here, and it is a testimony to the longevity of the Gascons themselves, that having escaped the Revolution, the Comtesse lived on until the fine age of one hundred years!

Each successive generation has brought change and innovation to the park and buildings, with various additions; for example, the innovative water-pump and windmill, to the complete renewal of the roof as we see them today by the current owners. This property was the first to experience the joys of running water and has traditionally been the residence of a succession of innovative and inspirational residents.

With its towers, pigeonniers, moat and wine chai, as well as being a place of beauty, we are reminded that this Château is also a testament to the rich agricultural architecture of Gascony.

A rare opportunity

Brought to market for the first time in centuries by BLISS IMMOBILIER since 1881, this is a rare and extraordinary opportunity to enjoy not only an incredible building and park, but to experience French history first-hand.

Some of the original furniture remains, including the commode at the entrance hall with its grand mirror, installed by the Comtesse so that she might check her appearance before leaving through the grand front door.

As you glance at the mirror today, and see your own reflection, it is easy to sense the rustle of the skirts of the Comtesse behind you in the grand hallway and imagine her elegant figure sweeping across the magnificent original tiled floor. These rooms are alive with history, in a place which time has somehow managed to forget.

Whether your project is to develop a business suitable to the 21st century within these walls, and to bring the rooms alive with conferences or luxury guest suites for guests visiting this wonderful corner of southwest France, or whether you are someone who simply craves the joy and of stepping back in time and living a part of your life where so many others have left their imprint before, we cannot know.

What we can promise, is that this is a rare opportunity to live in a place of immense beauty.

Climb to the top of the high stone turret and survey the dizzying view of your magnificent six hectare park, with far reaching views as far as the eye can see on all four sides. Admire the old oak trees which are hundreds of years old, the likes of which could never grow within a single life time.

Welcome to your own personal opportunity to become chatelain or chatelaine of this fine Gascon château.

The castle today

As we enter the grounds, there is a view of the restored barn (comprising a separate guest annex) leading to a grand arched entrance in stone, beyond which, lies the Château, with its neat gravel pathways, fountain, and parkland. The entrance is elegant and regal, an impression which is accentuated by the separation of the Château from the barn conversion at the entrance, which provides a lovely old stone house should one wish to have accommodation for guardians or extra habitable space that is completely independent to the main building.

The parkland is sumptuous, the star shaped avenue to the fountain of Diane the huntress, and the beehives in the woods, a welcome retreat from the world. With over 10 hectares of private woodland in which to wander, the world with its problems of today, feels a million miles away. With a formal fountain area and four statues representing the four seasons of the year to the front of the Château, close to the pool area, and the formal parkland leading into the wilder woods, there is a pleasant mixture of the cultivated and the wild at play.

16 rooms, 12 bedrooms

The interior has preserved its original features, from its tall ceilings to its beautiful tiled and wooden floors. The grand entrance hall and the sweeping staircase are a delight to the eye, along with the original impressive front door.

Set in parkland of 4.6 hectares and over 10 hectares of woods, the Château is decorated in period style with twelve bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room, reception room, games room and a library.

In the heart of Gascony

Located in the heart of Gascony’s golden triangle just a short ten-minute drive from Lectoure this is considered one of the richest areas of Gascony both culturally and architecturally and with some of its finest most sought-after towns.

The market town of Fleurance is ten kilometers away and Condom just over 20km.

For easy access, Toulouse is 99km away, Bordeaux 175km and Agen 47km.

    Our thought here at Bliss

    To fully appreciate the property in detail, a visit is required. Here, we bring to your attention, the main rooms in the Château, bearing in mind that a visit on site will also encompass a tour of the many outbuildings, some in ruin, others (such as the guardian’s restored barn and studio) in perfect condition, the moat, the turret, and all the other fabulous components that comprise this magnificent demeure.

    Measurements & other information

    Ground floor

    Entrance hall: 47,71m2. 8m high ceiling. Original tile floor. Stone staircase. Original door.

    Bedroom one:28,39. 2 windows. Parquet floor, fireplace.

    Dining-room: 53,67m2. Parquet floor, 1 window, French doors, fireplace.

    Reception: 49,00. Parquet floor, 2 windows, fireplace, 4 wall murals

    Bedroom two: 34,61. Wooden floor. 2 windows. Fireplace.

    Bathroom: 15,06m2: Shared bathroom for 3 bedrooms.

    Bedroom three: 29,23m2, wooden floors, 2 windows, direct access to the WC.

    WC: 9,41m2. WC, room with access to the bathroom, third bedroom and hallway

    Bedroom four: 17,91. Wooden floors. 1 window. Fireplace and own bathroom.

    Bathroom: 11,33m2. Tiled. 2 windows, 2 sinks, bidet, bathtub.

    Hallway:62,69m2. French doors. Tiled floor.

    Bathroom: 9,34. 1 window. WC. Sink, shower, and room before the bathroom.

    Interconnecting room: 9,65m2.

    Bedroom five: 25,65m2. Tiled floor. One window. Fireplace.

    Small hallway: 13,02m2. Tiled floor. French doors.

    Dining room: 26,91m, floorboards, cupboard, fireplace, 2 windows, opens onto kitchen.

    Kitchen: 25,33m2

    Cellar: 2.00m2

    Rear kitchen: 15,36m2

    Laundry room: 14,35m2


    Garage: 30m2

    1st Floor

    Landing:10,43m2. Stone floor. Window.

    Billiards room:29,64m2. Orginal floor. 2 windows.

    Library:52,57m2. Terra cotta floor. Fireplace. 2 windows. Orginal library. Cupboards.

    Bedroom six:50,98m2. Wooden flooring. 2 windows. Fireplace. Own private shower room.

    Shower room:4,92m2. WC, sink. Shower.

    Bedroom seven:33,60m2. Wooden flooring. 2 windows. Fireplace. Shower room. WC.

    Shower room:5,02m2. Shower and sink.


    Bedroom eight:29,40m2. Wooden flooring. One window.

    Bedroom nine:23,30m2. Sea grass flooring. One window.

    Bedroom ten:21,60m2. Parquet flooring. Fireplace. One window. Direct access to bedroom 11.

    Bedroom eleven:18,53m2. Parquet flooring. 2 cupboards. 1 window. Secret door to the tower.

    Bathroom:4,44m2. Tiled floor. Shower. Sink.

    Landing with reading corner:8,27m2. Parquet floor. 1 window.

    WC:2,53m2. 1 window.

    Bedroom twelve:28,20m2. Wooden flooring. 1 window. Exposed beams.


    Small hallway: 13.00m2

    Wing of property to be entirely restored : 180m2 (approx.)

    Swimming pool, chlorine, 2 years old

    Septic tank

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    Information on the risks to which this property is exposed is available on the website: www.georisques.gouv.fr