Your stories

A friend once said that if you stick a pin in a phone book and ask the person you have chosen to tell their story – then any single life picked would contain subject matter for a novel or film.

Each individual life is interesting and we realise this every day with the people we meet out and about in Gascony on our travels with Bliss :

We have met just about every profession on the planet : from former M16 spy, to actor, politician, rock Star or author.

It is the people of Gascony who make this department such an incredible place to call home; from the Gascons themselves, with their rich traditions of industry, agriculture and cuisine, to the newcomers in the area who have created new lives here – often mining deep into reserves of talent or taking the plunge into an entirely new profession so that their families might live here.

Here is a small selection of some of those stories:

If you would like to add yours to the list and to share your unique business with us,
please contact Stephanie