Integrity, transparency & creativity.

At Bliss we are fully trained and highly experienced. We know, and love, property law as crazy at it may seem! Our mission is to protect you. The new laws which come into effect on October 1st 2017 are designed to protect the buyer more than ever and have seen the biggest change to real estate to come into practice in many years.

Here at BLISS we believe that any law which encourages transparency is positive. Completing a sale and handing over the keys to your property is no longer a guarantee that the process is at an end. Legal cases can now be brought to court, should it be proven that the buyer was given incomplete or inexact information either by the owner or the agency. This includes information relevant to both the house and the immediate area. By working hand in hand with your notary we ensure transparency, communication and the completion of a sale with which both parties are satisfied.

By entrusting the sale of your property to our agency, you will benefit from professional advice at every step of the way, in accordance with French law.

Here at Bliss both buyers and sellers receive bi-lingual, competent professional advice and are guided every step of the way. We work closely with local solicitors, the tax office and town hall, to ensure that your sales dossier is completed with speed and efficiency.

Our core values are different from those of many local agents. We choose the properties we market carefully, and according to what we know our clients are looking for. The houses on our books are selected with care and attention as we privilege quality over quantity.

When it comes to marketing your property, our artistic and literary skills ensure a creative and orginal presentation of your home and Gascony.

Our Service Includes:
- Regular contact and meetings with the Bliss team.
- A complete valuation and analysis of the marketing strategy necessary to sell your property.
- Strict control of the quality of photographs used.
- The opportunity for our vendors to personalise the sale of their property with our unique VENDOR INTERVIEWS AND TRANSCRIPTS (Why you chose your property, what you enjoy most about it, your experiences in Gascony).
- Fully detailed floor-plans – in the style of an architectural floor-plan.
- International marketing with an International and web marketing specialist, (experienced in SEO, developing European and International markets) ensuring that your property is seen on the relevant French and British websites.
- A 'magazine' style presentation of your property with large colour spreads.
- Information in BLISS MAGAZINE on local people and places – encouraging buyers to narrow their property search from the whole of SW France to our area.

By rigorously selecting the properties for which we believe we can find a new owner, Bliss focusses on you and your property. This could be anything from a ruined farm to a chateau – but each of our properties is carefully chosen and has character and charm.

If you have a home that you would like us to market, please contact BLISS. We would be delighted to meet you.

If you are looking for a home in Gascony, we look forward to helping you find the perfect home.

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“I wanted space for my best friend...”

A Bliss Interview with James Spurway

The Foremost Currency Group

"We've been working together for ten years now, how has the market changed in that time?"

Wow, 10 years already! Time flies! To be honest the Foreign Exchange market hasn’t changed in its mechanics, we are still doing the same thing we did 10 years ago. However, regulations since the financial crash have got a lot stricter which is all for the benefit of the client; funds are safer now than they were 10 years ago, not that it has ever been risky using a broker to transfer funds.

In terms of the rate however now that has changed. When we started working together the GBP/EUR rate was over 1.45 and since then we have seen lows of 1.01, back to 1.40 before the EU referendum, and now back below 1.20 again! To put in into perspective a €300,000 purchase at 1.10 is £22,700 more expensive than buying at 1.20!