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You are not just buying a house, but a part of France; a way of life. We want to share our experience of Gascony with you. We hope you will visit our website for articles of local interest, beautiful art work and information on the SW of France.

Blissful blogging!

We are delighted to announce 'Blissful Blogging' - a series of blogs which show a tantalizing glimpse into the lives of people who have made their home in Gascony.

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Art For Life
& Wellbeing.

“Our passion is to
create, to excite...”

In creating Bliss we have endeavoured to bring together our passion and love of all things creative with the business of property sales. Gascony is a destination full of creativity and craft all wrapped in a cloak of history. Whether it is a chateau with wall paintings or an old stone farmhouse, Gascony is there to be discovered, experienced and enjoyed.

Though it is important to be aware of the legal implications of the sale and purchase of a property, here at Bliss we also understand that the process of moving home is one which affects each of us on a deeply emotional level. Buyers have described with passion that sense of "falling in love" when they find the right property. Our mission is to guide our clients in their search for their perfect home and to measure the importance of our mission on each step of the journey.